Smart Internet Services


An Intranet is a software platform for linking people and information over computer networks that:
  •     is based on open Internet standards;
  •     is interoperable across platforms, databases, and legacy systems;
  •     offers security, reliability, and scalability;
  •     is easy to implement, use, and manage.
An Intranet uses the same TCP/IP protocol as your Internet connection to link people and information across your internal computer network in a way that makes that information more accessible, people more productive, and access to all computing resources more seamless regardless what Operating Systems your various workstations use.
All services built on open Internet standards, operate equally well over an Intranet and the Internet, with no special gateways, data conversion, or application changes required. It make it possible for all your employees to "browse" your network and access whatever files and data are required.
It also allow you to set up a security model for each employee, granting access to files and data on a need-to-know basis.
The benefits:
  •     Improved access to critical information.
  •     Lower distribution costs.
  •     Easier updates to changing information.
  •     Faster response to dynamic business situations.
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